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Digital Strategy Design

In the age of smartphones and the internet, every business interacts with technology to remain relevant.

A well-designed Digital Strategy provides the road map for any business to pick the technologies and changes that provide the highest value.

I can help you define a relevant Digital Strategy that aligns with your company’s vision and goals, as well as the instructions and guidance to properly implement it so that you can get the highest returns on your efforts and investments.


Whether you need to manage a project, an initiative, a department or change in general, there are strategic advantages to hiring a specialist to deliver specific results.

A management consultant can also be an invaluable ally in protecting your company’s best interest when hiring vendors and service providers to build solutions for you.

Hiring a result-oriented consultant to manage change and transformation within your company can make all the difference toward your success.

Process Design and Improvement

There is always room for improvement.

From understanding and documenting the processes that drive value in your company, to designing improvements and capturing opportunities, process improvement is an essential tool for any business.

By using a methodical, step-by-step approach, process improvement removes friction and increases the efficiency and profitability of any organization’s operations.

Technology Solutions Design

Regardless of whether you’re running a traditional business or a digital company, the task of designing or picking the right technology solutions for your organization can be monumental.

From information overload, to false advertising and vendors who try to find a problem to their solution, managers waste hundreds of hours per year sifting through proposals and solutions which often fail before they are even completely implemented.

A result-driven consultant can really stack the odds in your favor by capturing your needs and requirements, designing the solution that is the best fit for your organization, and managing its implementation.

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Are My Services Right For You?

Not sure if the services I offer are right for you?

Wondering if you might not be able to learn how to resolve your challenges on your own?

Worried that you won’t be able to communicate the issues well enough to get the most value out of a consultation?

Check out the insights section to learn how a consultant can help you and how you can improve on your own.

Business Growth

When looking to expand your business, increase revenue, capture opportunity and maximize the returns on your invested time and money, my services can address your specific needs and help you succeed.

Let me help you define a Digital Strategy that aligns with your company’s vision and goals. Let’s work together to analyze the Processes and requirements that will lead you to success. I can design the right Solutions for your needs as well as manage the implementation and service providers you may hire all through your business’ transformation process.

The goal: add value at every step, on every level.


Mergers and Acquisitions

When considering a merger or acquiring a company, there is always a risk that the company being acquired or the merging companies will not be able to integrate properly.  Situations like this lead to financial losses, or even damaging the ability of both companies to keep doing what they were successful with, let alone take advantage of each other’s strengths.

Business process analysis can help mitigate these risks and ensure a smooth integration and transition by providing actionable information before and during the closing of the deal, and providing an integration road map after it.

My network of partners includes M&A professionals with decades of experience who work with my clients to provide an integrated end-to-end service.

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Benefits Of Retaining My Services

01 | Align with Strategy

What does your business do? What are its capabilities? Knowing exactly what a business can or cannot do, and how well, allows management to make strategic decisions about the organization’s  future.

Make key decisions much easier  with a study of the value-stream delivered by the business through the processes that power its capabilities.

02 | Reach your goals

Running a business is very much like leading an expedition into the unknown – you know why you’re going and where you want to go, but the road isn’t always clear.

By studying the current state of a business and defining the future state management is aiming for, we create a strategic roadmap with clear and measurable milestones that keep everything moving in the right direction.

03 | Communicate better

Process maps and good quality documentation can be an extremely useful tool in many ways on many levels, making it easier for managers to add value at every turn

In the daily operations, they can help train new employees by detailing exactly what they need to do, why and how it connects to the rest of the business.

Good documentation also makes it easier to define better requirements for new tools or solutions, to communicate them to development teams and vendors, as well as to determine how to measure results and value.

In investor relations, having process maps on hand can help better communicate what the business does and build confidence in its capabilities.

04 | Show value

Show clear results when speaking with investors, partners or potential buyers for your business.

Documenting the value stream and mapping the company’s capabilities and processes allows a clear and direct view into its inner workings. 

At any time, management can use this information to prove that their company can deliver on expectations because they know exactly what it is doing and how it is done on every level.

05 | Control risk

Quality process and capability documentation lets management see a snapshot of their operations and all the technology, staff and relationships their success depends on.

With a clear vision of how a business is running, and a road map to where it’s going, risk management is a much easier task to handle.

06 | Improve

There are many ways to deliver value to your clients, but is your business using the best ones? What is your business capable of today and what more could it achieve with a few easy and simple changes?

Process improvement looks are the inner workings of a company, of the work the people do, the tools they use and how well-suited to their needs these tools are so that we can find the best possible ways of powering the business capabilities that keep customers happy, profits high and costs low.

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