Ivo Gorgachev

Head Strategic Consultant, Founder

Theiio Management Consulting was founded by Ivo Gorgachev, a veteran technology and strategy professional with 18+ years of experience, who excels in optimizing businesses for success.

Fluent in Bulgarian, French and English, his skillset encompasses business analysis, business architecture, process improvement, and change management. Ivo adeptly connects human and technological resources across a variety of industries from capital markets and finance, to game development and transportation, NGOs and many others.

Noted for his exceptional communication skills, Ivo engages with team members at all organizational levels and aligns their contributions with overall objectives. His strategic planning, digital transformation and communication prowess have propelled numerous successful initiatives. By fostering collaboration between stakeholders, he ensures project buy-in and delivers high quality solutions which surpass client expectations.

As Theiio’s head strategic consultant, Ivo advises on business strategy, technology enablement, change management and quality assurance for local and international corporations. Trust his unique blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to elevate your business through innovative technology solutions.

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