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Process Improvement and Modernization

Drive productivity with our process improvement service. We analyze, design, and optimize your business processes, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing costs. Stay competitive with our modernization strategies, tailored to your unique business needs.

Digital Transformation and Technology Enablement

Harness the power of digital with our transformation services. We guide the integration of digital technologies into your operations, managing change with a people-focused approach. Align your business goals with a robust digital strategy and empower your teams to drive growth and innovation.

Management Consulting

Navigate business challenges with our expert management consulting. We provide insights for critical decisions, design strategic initiatives, and implement solutions for growth and competitive advantage. Experience our bespoke approach, tailored to your business’s unique needs.
Ivo Gorgachev

Ivo Gorgachev

Management Consultant, Founder

Theiio Management Consulting was founded by Ivo Gorgachev, a veteran technology and strategy professional with 18+ years of experience, who excels in optimizing businesses for success, and who’s career has spanned from Toronto and Montreal, Canada, to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Fluent in Bulgarian, French and English, his skillset encompasses business analysis, business architecture, process improvement, and change management. Ivo adeptly connects human and technological resources across a variety of industries from capital markets and finance, to software and game, NGOs and many others.

Noted for his exceptional communication skills, Ivo engages with team members at all organizational levels and aligns their contributions with overall objectives. His strategic planning, digital transformation and communication prowess have propelled numerous successful initiatives. By fostering collaboration between stakeholders, he ensures project buy-in and delivers high quality solutions which surpass client expectations.

As Theiio’s head strategic consultant, Ivo advises on business strategy, technology enablement, change management and quality assurance for local and international corporations. Trust his unique blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to elevate your business through innovative technology solutions.


Analyze & Understand

Leverage your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses, and seize opportunities to outperform your competitors and help your organization reach its highest potential.


Improve Processes & Generate Buy-In

Make optimal use of your strongest assets and eliminate costly inefficiencies while engaging your staff and stakeholders in a corporate culture that promotes everyone’s commitment to the company’s success.


Manage Change & Monitor Quality

Successfully implement change that enables your company’s continued success while ensuring it delivers the utmost quality to its clients, and the highest possible value to its employees and stakeholders.

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Why bother with process improvement?

If you’ve worked a week in your life, chances are you’ve run into poor processes. Whether or not you realized it is another question. If you have a keen eye for efficiency, you might have even picked up on poor processes in places you’ve been a client or customer.

From a bigger picture perspective, process improvement can take many different forms. Most of them are unlikely to be entirely obvious to people who aren’t explicitly focusing on improving processes as they fit into the company as a whole, rather than as relevant to only them.

Great managers who delegate properly and avoid micromanaging often create, entirely by accident, a blind spot in which they don’t have enough of the details about how the tasks of a process are done to identify problems without looking for them deliberately.

What is a task, an activity, a process?

No matter how strong the management team, as a business grows, the amount of tasks, activities and processes that are carried out every day eventually grows to the point where no single person can keep all the details in mind.

When looking for opportunities to improve, or facing challenges growing, taking the time to map out all the processes, the activities they involve and the tasks they entail can make the difference between a breakout success, and a failed project.

Professional management consultants are specifically trained to investigate all relevant levels of information, to truly understand, define and communicate exactly what is going on in the business’s day to day operations.

What are you capable of and what is a business capability?

A qualified management consultant will be able to understand the reality of your business, end to end, and all the capabilities involved, stacked one on top of another that have driven your success in the past.

The consultant’s job is to help you clearly define the needs that are satisfied by each capability so that together, you can take an objective look at a clear picture of the current state of your business.

Once the management team is confident that their business lines are accurately represented, the consultant can help define a desirable future state for the business, as well as the strategy and road map to get there, including making recommendations on new ways of doing things, using updated tools, or bringing in supporting technology that your team may not be aware of or may not know how to implement.

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