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Management Consulting is a big and vague word. When you ask the average person about it, they can rarely, if ever, tell you what a Management Consultant does.

Theiio was founded on the idea that sooner or later, any and every company faces challenges and issues that they aren’t comfortable solving on their own, and that more often than not, we can help.

There are many good metaphors to describe what Management Consulting firms do. At Theiio, we’ve often compared ourselves to Special Forces — when a business knows they have a problem but are struggling figuring out exactly what it is and how to fix it, either because it’s out of their area of expertise or because they don’t have the ressources to address it, they call us in, we figure it out and make sure they have the tools and skills to deal with it in the future.

Another common metaphor for Management Consultants is to think of them as a doctor for your business. Sometimes, a business, just like a person, can have some trouble staying healthy, and just like a person, sometimes, they can’t quite tell what’s causing the trouble. Like a good doctor, a good management consultant is able to diagnose the problem, prescribe a solution, help you get through it and come out in top shape on the other side.

No matter how you like to think of business consulting, the important thing Theiio wants you to realize is that you do not need to be a multinational giant corporation to benefit from, or to be able to afford the services of qualified Management Consultants.

As a business owner or manager, you may have heard of larger consulting companies, the kind that get hired by governments to fix problems that affect entire economies, or by corporations worth billions of dollars that are looking to grow even more, or to address issues managing their several thousand employees, and thought to yourself that that’s just not for you.

Theiio was founded specifically to provide assistance and services to companies like you.

Whether you run a local business, a mid-sized manufacturing plant or a growing tech company, there may be a time where you need help, and Theiio will be there for you, with down to earth, practical solutions and strategies that work for you.

If you’re facing challenges in your business, get in touch, we’re here to help!

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