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Why I Launched Theiio

I started Theiio with the idea that sooner or later, any and every company faces challenges and issues that they aren’t comfortable solving on their own, and that more often than not, an outside pair of eyes and hands can really help.

My belief is that no matter the size of a business, there should be a management consultant ready to provide them with value.

Management Consulting is a big and vague word. When you ask the average person about it, they can rarely, if ever, tell you what exactly a Management Consultant does.

There are many good metaphors to describe what Management Consulting firms do.

One of my favorites is to think of a consultant as a doctor for your business. Sometimes, a business, just like a person, can have some trouble staying healthy, and just like a person, sometimes, they can’t quite tell what’s causing the trouble. Like a good doctor, a good management consultant is able to diagnose the problem, prescribe a solution, help you get through it and come out in great shape on the other side.

Through the last 15 years, I’ve worked in a variety of industries and have always found the same thing: every team, every department, every company has opportunities to improve efficiency and revenue, if they could just find the time and resources.

When I launched my consulting practice, I wanted to help people understand that you do not need to be a giant multinational corporation to benefit from, or to be able to afford the services of a qualified management consultant that will provide you with value.

As a business owner or manager, you may have heard of larger consulting companies, the kind that get hired by governments to fix problems that affect entire economies, or by corporations worth billions of dollars that are looking to grow even more, or to address issues managing their several thousand employees, and thought to yourself that that’s just not for you.

I’ve created my practice specifically to provide assistance and services to companies like yours.

Whether you run a local business, a mid-sized manufacturing plant, a growing tech company, or any other business there may be a time where you need help, and I will be there for you, with down to earth, practical solutions and strategies that work for you.

Ivo Gorgachev

About Me

My name is Ivo Gorgachev and after 15 years holding different positions related to business management, strategy and technology solutions, I decided to launch a consulting practice.

Solving problems and puzzles has always been my favorite form of entertainment, with breaking things down and seeing how they work being a close second.

Building on my natural strengths, I undertook a career in software development before pivoting into management and eventually business architecture and corporate strategy.

I’ve worked in industries ranging from Gaming to Financial Services, Transportation to Online Education Platforms and have advised on a variety of projects in many fields in between.

My career has taken me from Montreal to Toronto, although I still work in both locations and provide services in both English and French.

Throughout the past 15 years, I’ve been routinely dropped into messy situations as a last resort to fix them and set them up to prevent future problems.

As a result, I have an extensive body of experience in many things including the following:

  • Managing projects, teams and vendors
  • Designing  and implementing software solution architecture
  • Defining Corporate and Digital Strategy
  • Change management and business process improvement
  • Focus group and analytics management
  • Workplace culture transformation
  • Keynote speaker at major corporations
  • Teaching digital strategy, quality assurance, business architecture and blockchain technology

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more and catch my posts in the Insights or on Medium.com.

If you’re facing challenges in your business, get in touch: your success is why I get up in the morning. 

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